Orienteering is fun for all ages, groups, individuals, teams and families!

Orienteering is form of land navigation that can be competitive, or done as an individual sport. The object of orienteering is to locate control points by using a map and a compass to navigate through the woods.  It is a sport that hones your navigational skills as you move from point to point, usually moving quickly, although many enjoy it as a pleasant walk in the woods.  Below is a sample of the orienteering opportunities available in and around Lynnwood.

There are two locations to enjoy permanent orienteering courses in Lynnwood:

Lynndale Park

Set in a 22 acre native forest, Lynndale Park offers 3 courses, Easy, Intermediate 1 and Intermediate 2. There are 25 controls in the park.  View the available map or chart.  You can go to the numbers in order, or feel free to design you own course.

18927 72nd Ave W Lynnwood |  Website

North Lynnwood Park

This Orienteering course is designed for beginners.  Use the map and the chart to find the seven controls located in the 6.32 acre park.    Other amenities at North Lynnwood Park include parking, restrooms, picnic areas, play equipment and a spray pool.

18510 44th Ave West Lynnwood  |  Website

For more information about local, permanent orienteering courses, visit the Cascade Orienteering Club web site.