Welcome to one of the world’s largest and most productive inland seas, where divers can explore an amazing diversity of sea life and marine environments. Scuba diving Seattle area waterways is a unique way to learn more about the area.  Washington’s Puget Sound has numerous islands, bays, estuaries, mudflats, and rocky or sandy beaches that provide the backdrop for this unique terrain. Follow underwater trails to small wrecks, large fish, interesting structures, and deep coves. The discoveries are endless and with forty-five designated dive sites throughout the region, there is plenty for all interests and diving abilities. Within close proximity to Lynnwood, there are nine dive sites with varying marine habitats you can discover while you stay.

Nearby Lynnwood Dive Sites*

  1. Mukilteo: Access is down short stairs to Community Beach downtown next to a hotel and the ferry dock. The slope is fairly steep, so it is a good place to practice deeper dives. There are many artificial reef elements that divers have placed to explore. Currents can be moderate along the open slope.
  2. Possession Point Fingers: A 40′ deep shelf drops off nearly vertically to deep water with several “fingers” of clay and sandstone that have many ledges, overhangs, and caves to explore for large fish and octopus.
  3. Scatchet Head: This is an undulating series of shallower sandy hills and gullys that have many patches of kelp that fish enjoy. These drop off into deep water to the southwest.
  4. Keystone Jetty: Keystone Jetty is quite possibly the richest dive site in the Puget Sound for underwater life and is a marine preserve located on the south side of the Keystone Ferry dock. Dive on the south side of the jetty or among the old pilings located just offshore. Enjoy swimming through a small kelp forest and coming face to face with lingcod, kelp greenlings, and octopus amid plumose anenome and invertibrate covered boulders. There are good shore facilities and a sandy beach to enjoy as well.
  5. Bruce Higgins UW Trails: A premier dive site, developed for and about divers, the Edmonds Underwater Park has it all; trails to small wrecks, large fish, interesting structures and much more. Great drive-up beach access and full facilities make it one of the top diving destinations in Puget Sound.
  6. Boeing Creek Reef: There are two areas to this artificial reef built of boulders. The first is fairly shallow, along a curved slope going down to 65′. This is a nursery for rockfish and is very colorful with a prolific amount of life of all kinds. The second area is to the south, starting at around 65′ and going down much deeper. Larger fish and octopus can be found there.
  7. Seacrest Park: This popular urban park offers three large coves with all sorts of different dives to enjoy. There’s little current and a range of depths. From its shallow, rocky breakwater to deep technical diving, with small wrecks and lots of sea-life available; everyone can find their own favorite dive. Good facilities, access and one of the best views of downtown Seattle make it and an enjoyable place for all levels of divers to enjoy Elliot Bay.
  8. Alki Point Junkyard & Pipeline: Historic Alki Point in West Seattle boasts two great dive sites; the Junkyard at the west end of Alki Beach Park and The Pipeline at Constellation Park Marine Preserve. Both offer a great variety and number of interesting fish and invertebrates for all levels of divers to enjoy.
  9. West Seattle Fishing Reef: A large offshore boulder garden, this artificial fishing reef is covered with plumose anemone and is home to many small fish in moderate depths. This is an accessible kayak dive from nearby Lincoln Park. Dive at slack water.

*All information has been supplied by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Please contact them at (360) 902-2200 or visit their website for more information on each dive site and for directions.