Looking for the ideal hotel North of Seattle?

Lynnwood, WA is a terrific choice for you because we are easy to get to, we have lodging options at varying price points that won’t break the bank. Just by being North of Seattle, our hotels offer a better price.  You can enjoy your favorite hotel chains and gain rewards points for rooms and suites with rates 40% lower than what people pay in downtown Seattle.
Take a look at our hotels in Lynnwood page then choose the property that suits your needs.  Perhaps you need a full breakfast or you want a swimming pool and exercise area.  If you are here for a business meeting you might just want a quick continental breakfast then visit one of our many Lynnwood restaurants for lunch or dinner with your new client. 

Book your hotel in Lynnwood, WA

Make a reservation then start planning your visit, check our Things to Do section for amazing places to explore in Washington, then view the Event Calendar for area concerts, festivals, and performing arts troops on tour here. 
Find and book the hotel that’s North of Seattle that suits you best while saving as much as 40% off Seattle prices!